Join your NFT frens

GM fren, you came early; the perfect time to get involved.

Connect to Frens

Connect with new NFT frens, comment and like on flow, start a conversation on convos, follow each other and send messages. Donโ€™t forget to say GM tho.

Explore & Watch the Floor

Explore new NFTs in flow, artists in profiles and the next big thing in convos. You can also see data behind the NFT projects like economic, social, and environmental effects.

Showcase & Reach

Showcase NFTs, social links, and convos while creating your custom look. Reach more people as they send your NFTs and convos to the moon.

Moonfty designed especially for you fren, it's the:

Only social app with a 'GM' button

While we launch new features, become an early user, test this unique social experience, be a part of the community, and help us shape it.

It felt like a soulful experience; sending stuff to the moon was my fav. - a moonfty fren

Express yourself

Showcase NFTs in your one custom moonfty link

Get your spot on moonfty as early as possible; it's just starting.

This is it; I don't want a boring in*** page; I like this better. - another moonfty fren

Imagine a ๐ŸŒŽ where,

everyone can socialize using NFTs without a tech barrier, without giving up their data for targeted ads, and without unnecessary harm to the environment.
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Even though moonfty 1.0 is live, the best parts are still under development, join our Discord , share feedback and help us shape it together.